Online Gaming

I want to make it easy for players and DMs who want to play Hyborian Age adventures via the Internet to come into contact with each other. Are you interested in playing Hyborian Age adventures via the Internet, using mail, instant messaging (IRC, Yahoo/AOL/MSN Messenger), and/or dedicated online gaming applications (WebRPG, OpenRPG, Neverwinter Nights, etc.)

If you think this sounds cool, and/or you're interested in playing Hyborian Age adventures over the web, contact me and/or join the Hyborian Age mailing list.

Play-by-email Campaigns

  • The Tower PBeM Campaign Logs: The adventures of Anteus, Sarrencius, Sittius, Tamas and Tirellia are chronicled here as the party explores an ancient purple tower on the Black Coast.
  • Tales of the Blood Companions and the Iron Companions: Visit the home page of this D&D 3rd Edition play-by-email campaign. It features new feats, skills, an overview of Hyborian Age prestige classes, as well as character portraits and a campaign message board.

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