Sorcerous Tomes of the Hyborian Age

Contributed by: Thulsa (), compiled from various sources.

Scrolls of Damnation

Name Artifact Status Origin Distribution Description
Book of Skelos Yes The wizard Skelos Three complete and several partial copies are rumored to exist. The ultimate tome of sorcery and necromancy, sought by all ambitious wizards of the Hyborian Age.
Book of Thoth No High Priest Thoth-Amon of Set Also known as the Book of Thoth-Amon, it deals with dark necromancy, longevity and the opening of gates.
Scroll of Bubastis No High Priest Luveh-Keraph of Bast Several copies in Stygia. Describes the worship of the ghoul-goddess, and the Black Rites of Bast.
Text of Vathelos the Blind No Vathelos the Blind
Tomes of Sabatea No
Zanthu Tablets No High Priest Zanthu of Ythoghta No known copies. Ten or twelve black pieces of jade inscribed by the last high priest of Mu.