Artifacts and Relics of the Hyborian Age

Contributed by: Thulsa (), compiled from various sources.

Name Origin Current Owner Description
Book of Skelos Skelos The ultimate tome of sorcery and necromancy, sought by all ambitious wizards of the Hyborian Age.
Cobra Crown The serpent-men of Valusia Thoth-Amon? An artifact which grants its wearer incredible powers of mental domination.
Hand of Nergal A gemstone carved in the shape of a claw, that possesses power of great evil. It is described in the Book of Skelos, where it is said to give two things -- great power and a hideous death. It is unclear exactly what powers the hand possesses, but it apparently increases the magical abilities of its user; it may also have its own magical talents that can be used by its owner. It can only be defeated by the Heart of Tammuz.
Heart of Ahriman From another world? The sacred jewel of Acheron.
Heart of Tammuz A golden globe (some say in the shape of a heart), that possesses the force of the Power of Light. It is the only magical thing that can defeat the Hand of Nergal. Also said to give its possessor magic resistance.
Mirrors of Thuzun Thune Thuzun Thune of Valusia The mirrors of the Valusian enchanter Thuzun Thune.
Ring of Set The serpent-men Thoth-Amon A ring which allows its wearer to control a great demon bound to the ring. Some say it is cursed.
Star of Khorala A magical ring or gemstone which gives power over the opposite sex to those who understand its use.
Sword of the Phoenix Epimetreus the sage A sword inscribed with the symbol of the phoenix, with the power to slay demonic creatures.
Teeth of Gwahlur A priceless set of jewels sacred to the dark god Gwahlur.