Maps of the Hyborian Age

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Geographical Essays

World Maps

  • Map of Hyboria: From the GURPS Conan book by Steve Jackson Games.
  • Europe and Hyboria: Miller and Clark's map showing the world of Hyboria superimposed over the continent of modern Europe.
  • Full-Color Map of Hyboria: Annotated with Norwegian names, as published by Bladkompaniet AS.
  • Hyborian Culture Map. A map originally made by Howard (not REH!) for his play-by-email campaign (see the links page), showing the tech levels of the various Hyborian nations.
  • Hyborian Map. A map of Robert E. Howard's Hyborian world which Jack Cook presented to Project Pride and which was auctioned off during the 2003 Howard Days in Cross Plains, TX.
  • Giant Full-Color Hyboria Map. A large Hyborian map made by Chrysagon, who writes "I've worked this out with a basis made with Bryce and completed in Photoshop. I used Illustrator for labelling and such, then came back in Photoshop for final tuning. The Hyboria title and the north dagger were made in 3d Studio Max".
  • Vincent's World Maps: Hyborian Age world maps by Vincent N. Darlage, who writes "I included maps without borders or words in case anyone wants to draw pre- or post-Conan era maps with it or something". Includes the west, the west (without borders or text), as well as the whole wide world, and the whole wide world (without borders or text).

Regional Maps

City Maps

  • Arenjun, the City of Thieves: By Matthew J. Finch, who writes: "Most of [the map] is speculation based on common patterns of hill towns in the fertile crescent. The Maul is in the east, and I have assumed that Howard's language means that there is at least one other group of thieves with a different gathering place." Please note the unusual orientation of the compass rose!
  • Numalia: By Vincent N. Darlage.
  • Shumballa: By Vincent N. Darlage.
  • Cities of Shem: By Vincent N. Darlage. Includes Asgalun, Nippr, and Sabatea.
  • Cities of Stygia: By Vincent N. Darlage. Includes Amanopet, Erkulum, and Luxur.

Site Maps

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