Links to the Hyborian Age

The Official Conan

  • The official site of Conan Properties International. It has the latest info on new books, comics, merchandise and movies based on Conan, as well as forums for discussing everything Conan-related.
  • Conan the Roleplaying Game: Roleplaying in the Hyborian Age, published by Mongoose Publishing using the OGL/d20 system. Includes a Conan messageboard, a downloads section with electronic character sheets and previews, and Mongoose's release schedule for future Conan RPG supplements.

Fan Sites

Robert E. Howard

  • The Robert E. Howard United Press Association: Quoting from the web page: "An amateur press association of limited membership founded in 1972. It is dedicated to the study and discussion of Robert E. Howard and his work. The purpose of this website is to provide a forum for REHupa members to present their work to the public, as well as to serve as a source of reliable information about the life and writings of Robert E. Howard."
  • Official homesite of Cross Plains, Texas, birthplace of Robert E. Howard.

Pulp-Era Fiction and Authors

  • A specialized search engine dealing with H. P. Lovecraft and the Mythos.
  • A massive fan site dedicated to Clark Ashton Smith, the masterful author of the swords & sorcery tales of Hyperborea, Averoigne and Zothique, as well as many other stories and poems.

Dungeons & Dragons and the d20 System

  • Wizards of the Coast: Official website of Wizards of the Coast, makers of D&D. Of course, you already knew that...
  • The Hypertext d20 SRD: An excellent electronic version of the System Reference Document for the d20 System, cross-linked, indexed and searchable. Highly recommended!
  • Necromancer Games: Definitely one of the coolest d20 companies out there -- their slogan is "Third Edition Rules, First Edition Feel".

Newsgroups and Discussion Lists