Creatures of the Hyborian Age

Contributed by: Thulsa (), compiled from various sources.

Name Type Habitat Reference
Baboon-demon of the Ring of Set Outsider (Unique) Any The Phoenix on the Sword, The Ring of Set (Tierney)
Black Golem of Xapur Construct Temperate Shadows in the Moonlight
Black Sphinx of Nebthu Magical Beast (Unique) Desert Black Sphinx of Nebthu (de Camp/Carter)
Deep One Monstrous Humanoid Sea The Shadow over Innsmouth (Lovecraft), The Pillars of Melkarth (Tierney)
Degenerate of Alkmeenon Monstrous Humanoid Jungle Jewels of Gwahlur
Elephant-Being of Yag Outsider (Unique?) Any Tower of the Elephant
Frost Giant Giant Arctic The Frost Giant's Daughter
Ghoul of Yanaidar Undead Mountains The Flame Knife (de Camp/Carter)
Giant Skeleton Undead Any The Thing in the Crypt (de Camp/Carter)
Grey Ape Animal Tundra
Guardian of Larsha Undead Temperate The Hall of the Dead
Ice Worm Magical Beast Arctic Lair of the Ice Worm (de Camp/Carter)
Man-serpent Aberration Jungle/Desert God in the Bowl, Skull of the Seas (Thomas)
Mound-Dweller of the Silver Isles Aberration Subterranean The Ballad of Belit (Thomas)
Serpent-man Monstrous Humanoid Jungle/Desert The Shadow Kingdom, Shadows in the Skull (de Camp/Carter), Skull of the Seas (Thomas)
Slithering Shadow of Xuthal Outsider (Unique) Subterranean The Slithering Shadow
Toad-Thing of the Nameless Isle Outsider (Unique?) Any Conan the Buccaneer (de Camp/Carter)
Voormis Monstrous Humanoid Arctic
Zamboulan Ghoul Undead Desert
Zembabwan Wyvern Dragon Jungle Red Moon of Zembabwei (de Camp/Carter)