Sorcerers of the Hyborian Age

Contributed by: Thulsa (), compiled from various sources.

The Black Ring of Stygia

The following list includes the major sorcerers, magicians and high priests of the Hyborian Age. The column "Active" in the table below assumes the current year to be just after Conan has become king of Aquilonia; that is, before the events of The Scarlet Citadel.

Name Location Age Active Remarks
Bit-Yakin Alkmeenon Unknown No Revived the cult of Yelaja, the Oracle of Alkmeenon
Eibon Mhu Thulan 8,000+ Unknown The Unfathomable, entered pact with Tsathoggua
Epimetrius Aquilonia 1,500+ Yes The Sage of Aquilonia, sleeps in "the Black Heart of Golamira"
Jalung Thongpa Meru Chosen One of Yama
Khosatral Khel Xapur Very ancient No The Devil in Iron, the ancient from the Abyss, the god of Dagonia, capable of incredible magic
Louhi Hyperborea Unknown Yes Witch-goddess of the Hyperboreans
Nenaunir Zembabwei Unknown Yes High Priest of Damballah
Pelias Koth Unknown Yes Aided Conan against Tsotha-Lanti
Pra-Eun Kambuja Unknown Yes God-king of Kambuja
Skelos Atlantis (?) 8,000+ Unknown Author of the Book of Skelos
The Master of Yimsha Vendhya Unknown Yes Master of the Black Seers of Yimsha
Thoth-Amon Stygia 200+ Yes High Priest of Set, Master of the Black Ring
Thugra Khotan Acheron 3,000 No Returned under the guise of Natohk, the Veiled Sorcerer, destroyed by Conan
Thulsa Doom Atlantis 8,000+ Yes The Skull of Atlantis
Thutothmes Stygia Unknown Yes Contends with Thoth-Amon for control of the Black Ring
Thuzun Thune Valusia 8,000+ No Enchanter of the Elder Race
Tsotha-Lanti Koth Unknown Yes The Vulture of Koth, reputedly spawned by the union of a demon mating with a mortal woman
Xaltotun Acheron 3,000 No Resurrected in plot against Conan
Yah Chieng Khitai Unknown Yes Master of the Scarlet Circle