New Feats

Contributed by: Most of these feats are taken from the Hyborian Age PBEM by Howard ( Additional feats by Thulsa (). Updates for Mongoose's Conan RPG by Iron_Chef. Note that the description of feats is subject to change as a result of playtesting and feedback.

The following feats are appropriate for characters in a Hyborian Age campaign using Mongoose's Conan RPG rules.

Name Type Prerequisites
Expert Armor Use Special Soldier level 1+, any Armor Proficiency
Expert Shield Use Special Soldier level 1+, Shield Proficiency
Favored Beast General
Favored Enemy General

Expert Armor Use [Special]

You know how to wear your armor for maximum efficiency.

Prerequisite: Soldier 1+, any Armor Proficiency.

Benefit: When wearing medium or heavy armor, for purposes of movement and class features you may treat the armor as if it were one category lighter (ie. banded armor is treated as Medium armor and a breastplate is treated as if it were Light armor). This only affects movement. Armor penalties, arcane spell failure and weight are all unaffected.

Expert Shield Use [Special]

You know how to use your shield for best effect.

Prerequisite: Soldier 1+, Shield Proficiency.

Benefit: When you use a shield to parry or dodge in combat, you gain a +1 competence bonus to your Parry and Dodge (ranged) Defence Value in combat. This feat can only be taken once and stacks with other feats, combat maneuevers or class features that grant a Dodge (ranged) or Parry bonus.

Favored Beast [General]

You can pick a certain class of animal, beast or magical beast that you have a special rapport with (apes, avians, horses, canines, fish, etc).

Benefit: You gain a +2 insight bonus when dealing with the selected class of animal or beast. You gain this bonus for all Animal Handling, Animal Empathy, Ride (if applicable) and other appropriate rolls, as determined by the GM. You may take this feat more than once and its effects stack if applied against a previous class of beast.

Favored Enemy [General]

Benefit: You gain a +2 insight bonus against a class of enemy: either a specific race (including its subraces) or organization (worshippers of Set, the Black Circle, etc.). This bonus applies to attack, damage, Spot, Listen, Bluff, Sense Motive and Tracking and any other applicable rolls the GM may think valid. You may inflict the extra damage even against creatures that are normally immune to such things (such as undead or constructs). You may take this feat more than once, and its effects stack if applied against a previous class of enemy.