Resources and Downloads

Character Sheets and Generators

  • Hyborian Age Character Sheet: Based on the character sheet by Joonas Hirvonen. 148 kb.
  • Character Generator for the Conan RPG: By Ian Martin. This is an Excel 2000 spreadsheet that can be used to quickly generate PCs for the Conan RPG. The current version is release 1.3. Be sure to read the instructions in the readme file first. Feedback can be given in this thread at the Mongoose Publishing message board. 261 kb.

Hyborian Age Paper Miniatures (Combat Counters)

The following files contain combat counters for Hyborian Age encounters. If you play using miniatures and/or a battlemat, but need something other than standard orc and elf miniatures, you've come to the right place. Paper miniatures are cheap to print (so you can easily create a horde of, say, Darfari Cannibals) and expendable (so the counters can be written on, colored, or ripped to pieces by vindictive player characters...).

The counters are intended for standard 25mm (1 inch) squares. Medium-sized, humanoid creatures (5 ft. by 5 ft.) fit within a single square. Larger creatures use the revised rules for space/reach, so a horse counter fills four squares (10 ft. by 10 ft.).

Important Note: The images used are taken from the Marvel Conan comic, and the counter sheets are for personal, noncommercial use only. I encourage you to go out and buy the comics to support the great work of these artists.

  • Combat Counter Set #1: Includes Cannibal of Darfar, Ghoul of Yanaidar, and Serpentman Sorcerer of Valusia. 526 kb PDF file.
  • Combat Counter Set #2: Includes Zamboulan Beggar, Turanian Soldier, Shemite Brigand, and Neanderthal Man. 304 kb PDF file.


  • Kosher: Ancient-looking font with Hyborian Age-flavor. 131 kb.

Other Downloads

  • "Die, Stygian Jackal!": A set of optional rules for more brutal and realistic combat using the d20 system. Written by Joel Sammallahti. 27 kb.
  • Animated Conan GIFs: Some nice, small animated GIFs of our favorite barbarian. 36 kb.