Locations of the Hyborian Age

Contributed by: Thulsa (), compiled from various sources.

Name Location Notes
Acheron Nemedia/Koth region An ancient kingdom, extinct in Conan's time, a contemporary of Old Stygia.
Alkmeenon Keshan Jungle A forbidden city of Keshan, home to the oracle Yelaja. Its location is unknown save to the high priests of Keshan.
Arenjun Zamora The City of Thieves, location of the fabled Tower of the Elephant.
Atlaia Southern Jungle A mysterious kingdom south of Stygia, presumed to be south of the kingdom of the Amazons.
City of the Winged One Black Kingdoms Founded in the dim recesses of pre-history, before the Stygians developed civilization, by a race of beautiful humanlike creatures. Through a series of disasters, most of the population was killed. Said to be haunted.
Fires of the South Land of No Return The volcanic mountains of the far southern Black Coast.
Gazal Black Kingdoms An ancient city in the northern desert of the Black Kingdoms. Gazal was built thousands of years ago, and is crumbling to dust.
Isle of Iron Statues Vilayet Sea The Isle has ancient ruins, chief of which is a great hall where rows of iron statues stand. The island is reputed to be haunted, and is shunned by the sailors of the Vilayet Sea.
Isle of Siptah Stygian Coast Location of the haunted tower of the Stygian sorcerer Siptah.
Isle of Skelos Western Ocean The location of the fabled "Well of Skelos", where the lore of the Black Coast claim that demons guard the long-dead mage's bones.
Isle of the Black One Western Ocean An isolated island in the Western Ocean, set with ancient pre-Cataclysmic ruins.
Khajar Oasis Stygia The temple-fortress of Thoth-Amon.
Kheshatta Stygia Stygian City of Magicians, Seat of the Black Ring.
Kutchemes Southern Desert Last city of ancient Acheron, in its center an impregnable ivory dome said to house the evil empire's last sorcerer.
Larsha Zamora A cursed, ruined city near Shadizar. According to legend, Larsha was built in Cataclysmic times, by the predecessors of the modern Zamorans, and the giant kings who once ruled the city remains within, defending their ancient treasures.
Luxur Stygia The City of Serpents, Capital of Stygia.
Maharashtra Vendhya An ancient city of Vendhya. Two thousand years ago, when the Vendhyan king Orissa died, his tomb was sealed with ancient rites and demon guardians, and the city was abandoned. Its location is now lost.
Misty Isles Vendhyan Sea The islands off the western coast of Vendhya where secret herbs are grown.
Nameless Isle Western Ocean An island once occupied by the pre-human serpent people of Valusia, lying somewhere off the Black Coast. The Nameless Isle is small, and reputedly has a temple to the toad-god Tsathoggua.
Nebthu Stygian Desert City on the banks of the Bakhr River, near the Styx. Nebthu is well known for the large stone jackal-sphinx that looms over the town.
Oasis of Akhlat Zamboulan Desert Also called "the Accursed", an oasis and pre-Shemite trading city in the Makan-e-Mordan region of the Red Desert.
Pathenia North of Hyrkania A frigid region north of Hyrkania, where the dreaded man-apes live.
Pteion Stygia Ghoul-haunted ruin, former seat of Stygia's sorcerers.
Purple Lotus Swamp Stygia A supposedly haunted swamp in southern Stygia, where the purple lotus grows.
Python Unknown City of Purple Towers, capital city of ancient Acheron. Its obelisks "pieced the skies", and its size was ten times that of Old Luxur.
Styx River Stygia The greatest river of the Hyborian world-continent, it is said to spring from sources in the unknown lands far south of Stygia.
Swamps of the Dead Northeastern Khitai A swamp in far northeastern Khitai, where the gray lotus blooms.
Tombalku Black Kingdoms A city of the Black Kingdoms ruled by a coalition of neighboring tribes and the Aphaki, a Shemitish people. Tombalku is considered mythical by the Hyborians.
Xapur Vilayet Sea An island where a pre-Hyrkanian race built an ancient city. Xapur is now deserted.
Xuchotl Black Kingdoms An ancient city built by Kosalan refugees. Xuchotl is inhabited by the Tlazitlans, a mongrel race of Stygians and Easterners.
Xuthal Desert South of Kush A city of opium dreamers, stalked by a slithering horror.
Yanaidar Drujistan A city of demons, built by the ghoul-king Ura.
Yanyoga Land of No Return Last city of the serpentmen.