Contributed by: Thulsa (), partly based on source material from "GURPS Conan" by Steve Jackson Games.

"Over ten thousand years ago, when the minions of Set and Apophis threatened to burst forth upon the world, [Mitra] chose as the world's defender a king who was born a barbarian -- and the king was victorious, aided by the sign of the Phoenix which Epimetreus caused to be inscribed upon his sword blade." -- Richard L. Tierney: "The Soul of Kephri"


Mitra, the primary god of the Hyborians, is a benevolent god, believed to be all-pervasive and without form, although he is often pictured as a tall man with wide-set, piercing eyes, curly hair and a patriarchal beard. Mitra takes no living sacrifices, although the temple takes extensive tithes in money and services.

Mitra is worshipped in Aquilonia, Argos, Corinthia, Nemedia, Ophir and Zingara.

According to Mitraic belief, each person is called to a virtuous life. It is the obligation of each individual to follow the tenets of the faith of Mitra, which include truthfulness, honor and trustworthiness. In Mitraís tenets, telling a lie or betraying a friend are mortal sins.

Mitra holds his priests to even more strict behavior. Priests of Mitra must remain celibate and must abstain from all alcohol and mind-altering drugs.

One of Mitraís most potent aspects is as the Defender, protecting Hyborians from evil sorcery, most specifically from his ancient enemy, the serpent-god Set.

Status: Intermediate God
Spheres of Influence: Healing, truth, protection from evil sorcery
Symbol: Phoenix


In his battles with Set, Mitra prefers working through mortals, so that those who are called to be his champions can both defeat Set and act as living proof of the validity of his cultís tenets. Mitra oftens sends visions and revelations through dreams.

The Priesthood

In addition to performing their service to the deity, priests of Mitra act as keepers of ancient lore and wisdom. Above all, they seek to oppose the evils of the priesthood of Set.

Priests of Mitra must tithe 1/4th of their income to one of the god's temples. The greatest temples are found in Nemedia and Aquilonia.

  • Prerequisites: Cannot be Stygian
  • Domains: Good, Healing, Protection, Sun
  • Turning: Turn undead