Contributed by: Thulsa (), partly based on source material from "Legends & Lore" by TSR, Inc.

"The god Ibis has fought Set since the first dawn of the earth, and Kalanthes has fought Set's priests all his life." -- Robert E. Howard: "The God in the Bowl"

Ibis fighting Set

Ibis is a lesser Stygian god, opposed to Set. The priests of Ibis were driven from Stygia ages ago by the snake-worshippers of Set.

Ibis is a god of knowledge, learning and magic. Priests of Ibis are scholars, sages, doctors and diviners.

Ibis is not generous with his knowledge, but neither is he covetous of it. For those who work long and hard at research and science, he is a faithful source of information. His worshippers claim that Ibis is omniscient.

It is said that Ibis maintains a set of three great books in which all knowledge is recorded. These books are locked away at the heart of a great crypt.

Status: Demigod
Spheres of Influence: Knowledge, magic
Symbol: Ibis-bird


Ibis seldom sends his avatar into the world, but might do so to further his own interests in seeking new knowledge or magic, or to oppose Set. Ibis can manifest as a sudden burst of inspiration (granting a bonus to skill checks), or through dreams and visions.

The Priesthood

The priests of Ibis sometimes ally with the priests of Mitra against their common enemy, the snake-worshipping cult of Set.

The wizard-priest Karanthes is sometimes referred to as "the last priest of Ibis".

  • Prerequisites: Int 13
  • Domains: Knowledge, Magic, Protection
  • Turning: None